Featured Property: The Estate of Victor and Marie Cascio

Victor and Marie Cascio were beloved Monroe icons and restaurateurs. Victor, a local celebrity, was the face of famed Monroe restaurant The Chateau, a society columnist in The News-Star, television personality and supporter of the arts.

Victor and Marie loved to travel and collect interesting items along the way. Victor’s love for art and design, cultivated by good friend Speed Lamkin, was evident in every aspect of his life, from his clothing to his home and restaurant. Lamkin, a playwright and novelist, spent years living in New York and was an avid design enthusiast and collector. After moving back to Monroe, Lamkin hired Mark Hampton to help design his home, which was featured in Architectural Digest. Lamkin guided the Cascios as they amassed their own collection and sold or gifted items to them, some of which are offered in this sale.

Inspired by Victor and Marie’s travels, the restaurant was brilliantly decorated. In an article in The News-Star, Victor shared, “Once on a trip to Venice we walked into a favorite little restaurant of the locals and all of the booths were covered in vines; it was magical. He continued, “I took the idea for the ornaments from another trip to New York. If you take it all in, it’s ethereal and almost child-like. I wanted it to be enchanting.” He invited numerous clubs and organizations to host events at the restaurant over the years, earning it a reputation as a local institution. Liberace even stopped by for a visit and let Victor’s mother try on all of his jewelry and, of course, his mink coat.

Victor took pride in knowing his regular customers’ names, where they preferred to sit, what they liked to order and loved sharing his restaurant with all of them. In an interview, Victor said that, “the Chateau was my living room and the dining room was my stage on which to perform.” The feeling was mutual – the customers were extremely loyal and loved visiting with Victor.  

Josephine and Joe Cascio, Victor’s parents, opened the family’s first restaurant in 1943. The Chateau opened in 1964 and remained open until Victor’s retirement in 2012 after nearly 50 years serving the Monroe area.

New Orleans Auction Galleries is pleased to offer fine art, antique furniture, decorative arts, silver and more from the Estate of Victor and Marie Cascio.